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Harsh Realms debut full length album "PØLP"

For sale on LP/CD at our Bigcartel store or at distro.shieldrecordings.com


released October 1, 2014

All songs written and performed by Harsh Realms

Recorded in the Spring/Summer of 2014 in Nijmegen and Arnhem (NL)
Recorded and mixed by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound (NL)
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering (NJ, USA)

Artwork & design by Tyler Gibson of Doom Toof Design & Wouter De Vugt of Dudz Dezign

Shield Recordings - SLD069



all rights reserved


Harsh Realms Roosendaal, Netherlands

"Access main program. Access main security. Access main program grid"
"Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word"
"Please! God damn it! I hate this hacker crap!"

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Track Name: Fragile Times Above The Flood
Can’t remember how much time she said
I’m getting sick of these hospital beds’
But you’re oké
So it seems she’s got the motivation
To get around with
Her head and habits
That pretend to cure
But all the racing thoughts just took the best of her

The sowing season is coming
So we start over again
Even if the cold will hit you in the head
This family stands the tide
For one last time

‘So sorry!’ about Christmas
The medication didn’t work
You pretend that it will stop
But the kids got suspicious

So we’ll light up the candles
And burn down our issues
Track Name: Cityscape
The eyes of the locals
Full of fear of the unknown
When they talk to strangers
The disgrace of the faces
Full of dirt and regret
The hard working labor

I get down on my knees and bow to the city
I wonder what’s keeping you here
This may all be forgotten
Only the name is what remains
So I leave for good luck if that’s what it takes

I won’t find comfort in this town
‘Cause all of my memories are lost inside your house
It’s all such a drag
Pushing this town towards the end
Track Name: Hiroo
Teach me and I’ll ignore what I’ve learned from the past
What purpose does it serve if I feel so distressed?
There’s no competition
But my mind makes me aware
Of all the possibilities
I hope that I can state

Death or glory
I’ll take the risk
No surrender
This is history repeating
But I’m on the edge
If this is war
Then where’s my enemy

So I raise the flag
And carry this burden
With all that’s left of me
And I’m looking down
Upon my battlefield
Whom did I fight for?
And what was the cause?
Track Name: To Be Honest
And it’s onwards that we go
We’re sailing on a new day
We’ll fight the lions
If it helps to carry on
One more day could make it change
To get back in this situation
So I will tear out my voice
Selling hooks with lots of screaming
And all these words keep me from breathing out my final breath
I hold on onto these words

No mistake will hold us back
From where we belong
And our failures are inevitable
We keep screaming out these words
So our lives will never turn stable again
We keep screaming out these words
So the time tables will change again

We will never be heroes
And these words won’t make us saints
No it ain’t just a tribute to our long lost friends
It’s the promise that keeps us going
And it’s onwards that we go

But there’s the danger of standing still
So we keep on moving
With the risk of playing along
Track Name: In Need Of Guidance
God saved the Queen but he killed our King
Houses are burning but no one’s within
Fire spreads like a living disease
Farewell to all
Farewell to the scene

Surrender to our heroes
They built and burned our dreams
All they left are their stories
We can’t seem to reach
We decided to refuse
To walk on solid grounds

All we need is guidance
Fight our failure from within
All we need is to hold on
And don’t make the same mistakes

Set our focus on the future
We ain’t got nothing to lose
As one part fails
Our heroes fade away
It sows the seeds
Of the rising tide ahead

We don’t need our heroes
The tide is going to change
Got friends to believe in
As long as they will rise
Track Name: I The Cause
We get lost
In the conversations
Last month was just a wreck
A thousand e-mails wasted
Another thousands never sent
I stare with blood red eyes
To screens and phones and watches
Trying to meet the deadline
Parallel to disbelief

Try not to lose the momentum
A veiled nest in a white bouquet
It has made us go astray
And all the breaks
And I the cause
It’s better to play here for a dime
Than to get stung every time
Track Name: The Clapperboard
Somehow, someday
I’m getting caught in a death trap
To be left for garbage
And there’s no such thing as mercy left to get
It start’s off again

Or will I wait
Will I wait till something shimmers in the dark
And get a catch
Get a firm grip on the few uncommon sparks
‘Cause this will be my last chance to beat off attacks
And I stand transfixed on the ice while it
Cracks seem to separate all that looked gone
We lose all the things that we can’t get a hold of

There’s no such thing
As mercy left to get

I never heard the starting gun
While most competitors run
They almost fly
Though I’ll still be the first
To hear the bell of the final lap
I did neglect the clapperboard
And with the sounding of each chord
I’m pretty sure that the moment comes near
That the director cuts me off
Track Name: First At The Crime Scene
I am wondering
Murderers, thieves and whores
All pressed together
Alongside honest citizens
I could spend entire days
To sort the decent from the damned

But does it make a difference
When we all go down the drain
We all go down the drain together
It’s all the same
The question is: Who will kick off?
The masquerade of noxious souls

Before we go I need to know
Who will be first at the crime scene?
Track Name: Flogging A Dead Horse
Mark my footsteps
I’ve lost trace of time
I know

I’m aware but I’ll ignore
That I’m digging my own grave here
This hell is keeping me warm
And I’m sleeping in
Waking up and falling down each day
It’s easy
Learned to live with all I got
But is it worth it

Do I admit defeat?
Will I join the weak?
Will someone get me out of this mess?

These scars should remind me
Of all the times I should take action
I refuse to live like a ghost
For the next few years
Living with my head up in the clouds
And I am aware of what is coming
There’s a storm ahead

And all of my dreams
Are drifting me apart
Living day by day
And keep it close to my heart
I’m lost in this storm
But I’ll get back on my feet
And I’ll take care of all the things that I need
Track Name: This Silence
They will march down
With their believes
And we will run out
We never used to speak

It’s this wordless conversation
It’s the breath that we inhale
They keep on marching down along the way
And our minds our bound together
Remember what we used to sing
It’s a commitment made in silence
A commitment made for life

We’re the silent lovers
We carry our hope and dreams tonight
Better forget what we left
Maybe our voice is gone
But we will speak out
With our hearts

'This silence is gold'
Is what she said
After they’re gone
We won’t forget
That we were young when we first met
They keep on marching down without regret
And it’s this silence
That made us even stronger
Than back in those days
Track Name: Last At The Party Scene
So fire way with the worst of the stories
It’s hard to believe that my heart’s beating slowly
For once I believe that this is going fucking nowhere

You pretend to be the decent
But I dig through your dirt
Glad you do the talking
‘Cause I only make things worse
For once I believe that this is going fucking nowhere

Now we’re near the end
It doesn’t make any sense
To be decent or be damned

The time passes by
You hardly changed a bit
You always caused a scene
Even though you won’t admit
For once I believe that we are going fucking nowhere

We better swing life away my friends
Now we’re near the end
It doesn’t make any sense
To be decent or be damned
Let’s celebrate the life that we’ve got left
Make sure that the last shot will be the best
To disregard what we could have